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Legal PR Resources

Jaffe’s Public Relations Blog:

Provides a full range of traditional and innovative marketing and PR solutions for the legal industry.

Legal Marketing Association:

LMA is a community that brings together all types of industry specialists from firms of all sizes. Consultants and vendors, lawyers, marketers from other professions, and marketing students can connect and share their collective knowledge. 

ReputationInk Blog:

Reputation Ink is a B2B marketing agency built for complex industries. We work with lots of smart people — from lawyers, engineers and architects to manufacturers, corporate executives and more.

Up My Influence:

The UpMyInfluence platform harnesses the power of agency-level tools and allows influencers and their teams the ability to collaborate with us through our strategic PR framework.

Muse Communications:

Lawyers and law firms have unique marketing needs, and Muse Communications is uniquely qualified to help meet them.

The PR Lawyer:

A blog focused on the marketing and PR needs of law firms and legal practices.

Our Affiliate Legal Directories

Find Any Lawyer:

Add your attorney listing to Find Any Attorney to help clients find the right lawyer for their case!

Divorce Lawyer List:

Divorce And Family Law Attorneys. Find A Divorce Or Family Lawyer Today!

Premium Lawyer Listings:

Premium Attorney Listings helps provide a listing of some attorneys and other legal information in various areas of law.


A business listing directory featuring categories from legal needs, to restaurants and shopping.


A collection of legal research and an online legal directory.


An online legal directory.

Wells Frost:

Provides information regarding Well and Frost Laws and regulations.

Oklahoma City Restaurants:

A directory on restaurants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Nebraska Radio Station Information:

View ratings and other important information regarding radio stations in Nebraska.

Interview of Law Firm CEO

Interview of law firm CEO about the firm’s growth.


Legal recruiting and job webpage.

Iowa Bed & Breakfast

A helpful resource for lodging, dining, and entertainment options for individuals visiting Iowa.

Legal Organizations

Missouri Collaborative Attorneys & Professionals:

The Missouri Collaborative Institute (“MCI”) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, practice group organized and dedicated to the promotion of the collaborative law method and its application to the resolution of divorce and family law matters in Missouri.

Legal Information Sites

Family Law Headquarters & News:

The purpose behind Family Law Headquarters is to provide news and information regarding family law and divorce matters.  This site contains blog articles written by Family Law Attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC on various topics for readers.

Armstrong Teasdale LLP:

For more than a century, Armstrong Teasdale’s focus has been on providing excellent service to our clients. Our mission statement—“Always exceed expectations through teamwork and excellent client service”— carries through everything we do. We are proud of the results our firm has achieved for our clients in the boardroom and the courtroom.

Collaborative Divorce Law Representation:

A legal blog focusing on alternative dispute resolution methods.

Stange Law Firm – Custody Attorneys Lawyers: Child custody lawyers at Stange Law Firm, PC in Bloomington, Union, Waterloo, Belleville, Ellisville, Arnold, Springfield MO, St. Charles, St. Louis, Clayton, Columbia, Kansas City KS, Kansas City MO, Lee’s Summit, Maryville, Overland Park, Springfield IL, Topeka KS, Troy, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Chicago, Lincoln NE, Omaha NE, Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne IN, Des Moines IA, and Instagram.

Legal Blogs

The Legal PR Blog:

A blog designed to give readers legal public relations insight.

Rosen Institute:

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever worried about getting new clients, being more productive, generating more revenues, networking, building an online presence, managing a team, budgeting or technology issues.

Kansas City Family Attorney Blog:

A family law and divorce blog for Kansas City area residents.

How to Grow a Law Firm About Kirk Stange

Article on how to grow a law firm.

Illinois Divorce Lawyer Blog:

A blog for Illinois residents facing a divorce or family law matter.

Consultwebs Blog:

Consultwebs emphasizes client service. The company works hard to understand each individual law firm’s culture and practice areas and strives to tailor a Web marketing strategy that meets each client’s unique needs and goals.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers Blog:

A divorce and family law blog geared to provide insight to Tulsa, Oklahoma residents.

St. Louis Divorce Attorney Blog:

A family law and divorce blog for the residents of St. Louis, MO.

Omaha Nebraska Divorce Lawyers Blog:

A divorce and family law blog for the residents of Omaha, Nebraska and Douglas County.

St. Charles Divorce Attorney Blog:

Are you facing a divorce or family law matter in St. Charles, MO? You may find this legal blog helpful.

Business of Law Blog:

LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of business of law software and technology solutions designed for professionals in the legal, corporate, and government markets.

Springfield Illinois Divorce Attorney Blog:

A legal blog based around divorce and family law matters and information that residents in Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding areas may find useful.

Columbia Missouri Divorce Lawyer Blog:

Are you facing a divorce or family law matter in or around Columbia, MO? You find this blog helpful in your matter.

Springfield Missouri Divorce Attorney Blog:

For residents in Greene County and Springfield, MO, this divorce and family law blog may provide some insight and help you in your situation.


David PR Group is a Miami public relations firm that helps businesses and organizations to develop and implement targeted public relations and marketing campaigns that achieve very strong results.

Wichita Kansas Divorce Attorney Blog:

A divorce and family law blog for the residents in Wichita, Kansas and Sedgwick County.

Bloomington Divorce Lawyer Blog:

Are you facing a divorce or family law matter in Bloomington, Illinois? This blog may provide some useful insight.

Multi-State Father’s Rights Lawyers Blog:

Are you a father facing a divorce or other family law matter? This blog provides unique information that you may find helpful in your situation.

Topeka Kansas Divorce Law Information:

Shawnee County residents in Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding areas may find this divorce and family law blog helpful.

Law Practice Marketing and Public Relations Tips:

Information and guidance for new law firms and small practices.

Furia Rubel Blog:

Furia Rubel Communications provides integrated marketing and public relations services to clients in professional service and business sectors.

Midwest Estate Planning Blog:

An estate planning blog for residents in the Midwest in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorneys Blog:

A blog in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for those who live in and the area on divorce and family law matters.

Chicago Illinois Divorce Blog:

A blog for residents in the Chicago area on divorce and family law.

Lincoln Nebraska Divorce Blog:

Information for residents in Lincoln Nebraska on family law matters.

Indianapolis Indiana Divorce and Family Law Blog

A blog for the residents in Indianapolis, Indiana in Marion County, IN on family law matters.

Des Moines, Iowa Divorce and Family Law Blog

A blog for individuals in Des Moines, Iowa on family law and divorce matters.

Last Will and Testament Lawyers: Clayton, St. Charles, Arnold, Union, Troy, Belleville, Maryville, Springfield IL, Bloomington, IL, Columbia, Springfield MO, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Lincoln NE, Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne IN, and Des Moines IA.

Building a Multi-State Legal Practice

Learn how to build a multi-state law firm.